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Monday, March 29, 2010

No Joy Without the Pain

Save Ferris 'Mistaken':

There's no joy without the pain,
It's the pain that makes us strong,
But sometimes it's just so hard to carry on.

Sometimes when I am having a rough time at the gym I sing those words in my head. I joyfully accept the pain both physical and emotional as long as it gets me to my goal of loving my body.

I've started increasing the intensity of my workouts both cardiovascular and with weights. It's a challenge. However, I remind myself that I was able to do the workout last week and I've survived. I did 40 minutes on Saturday so I can do it again today.

When it's hard to carry on it's the time to refocus and work harder. Food and laziness will not contribute to a fulfilled life. It will contribute to a shorter life that means nothing. I will not live without purpose.

I've been inspired by the people of mfp. It's amazing to see the obstacles people have overcome and how they deal with it to get to their goals. I am trying to become the inspiring story for myself though. I'm proud of all of the hard work I've done and I know how proud I'll be when I finally triumph over binge eating and laziness. It get's closer every day.

Four weeks down and four weeks closer to loving my body.

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