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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Little Changes

This week I got back on track after a rocky time of the month and the flu. I feel so energized and I am noticing so many little changes that are beyond awesome.

Friday morning I went to the gym in the morning. Later that evening I actually went for a walk by my own choice. Normally I shy away from anything that can be deemed as exercise if I've already worked out for the day. It was so nice walking around my block (about a mile) that I almost took a second lap. However, instead of taking that second lap, I made the decision to wash my car. My car only gets washed probably on a quarterly basis. I have been going to wash my car since forever, but it never gets done. Now my car is completely clean and hiding from the rain in my garage. These may not seem like huge events, but it's a start to being more active.

Today I've spent the day gardening and spring cleaning. It feels so good not to be sluggish and lazy. Normally, I would spend my Sunday sitting in front of a computer and eating bad because weekends are especially challenging for me.

I also signed up for a coed softball team. My friend Jen and I are really excited to play. We figured it's a good way to be a little active and have some fun.

It's so weird to be excited about doing all of these active things. Exercising is almost becoming a hobby for me and I feel so much more fulfilled now that I'm getting a lot more active. I love all of the positive changes that come with eating right and exercising. I can't wait to see what else changes.

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