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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Vacation Tomorrow

I am so excited about leaving for vacation tomorrow night. I've been sticking to my workout plan even when I thought I wasn't going to. I love how I have this inner strength that pushes me to achieve my goals even when I don't think I can.

Yesterday my upper thigh was a little bit sore from playing softball. I didn't think that lifting weights was a good idea so instead I busted out my roller skates and went to the park. Yes, you read that right - roller skates not roller blades. My skates are pimp all black with hot pink wheels. That's how I roll - literally. I went with the intention of doing four miles, but once I got started I knew I could do six. Then, when I started ending my sixth mile I decided to do a seventh mile. After I was all done I glanced at my cell phone to see that I busted out those seven miles in 35 minutes. It felt great!

Today I woke up with a bad headache and decided to skip the gym yet again. I called one of my friends that was coming over to help me get ready for my vacation to see if she wanted to walk with me. We walked one time around my block a little less than a mile. After she left, I had a feeling that my short walk wouldn't be enough for me so I headed to the park. I decided to walk four miles. After the third mile, I felt like running a mile. I don't know why considering that I hate running and avoid it at all costs. I guess I just wanted to see if I could do it. I surprised myself and completed the whole mile.

My fitness level is definitely improving. Breathing wise I feel like I have a lot of endurance and that I can exercise for long periods of time at difficult levels. However, my legs and body are only slowly getting that message. I definitely feel like working out is getting to be addictive for me. I'm even considering bringing workout clothes on my vacation so that I can walk while my husband sleeps in. However, we will be very active on the vacation so I'm not sure that I will need to.

I'm feeling more confident about my ability to stick with my healthy lifestyle change. I don't think this vacation is going to be as scary as I thought. I have to start getting over my fear of not having complete control over menus and adapt to not being able to plan ahead of time. I'll be without myfitnesspal for 4 days, but I think I've learned a lot of skills to get me through my time away. I'm definitely going to indulge in fruity tropical drinks, but I'll be right back with my plan on Tuesday. My inner strength and desire to lead a healthy life is going to see me through my obstacles. I bet I even chicken out of ordering my high calorie drinks and go for the better ones.

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