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Monday, April 19, 2010

Small Victories

Today marks seven weeks since I've started my life change and seven weeks closer to loving my body. I've exercised consistently and I've really made a difference in making healthy eating decisions. The positive changes are amazing and I'm really starting to feel like a new person. The old me would have found any excuse or reason to avoid working out and at the first hint of a stressful situation I would have binged to my heart's content. However, this new me has made working out and eating healthy a priority.

In the past, if there was a special occasion or a holiday I would use that as an excuse to eat whatever I want. Also, I shouldn't work out on that day because it's a special day and I deserve a break. However, I think I'm beginning to work through that. Yesterday was my two year wedding anniversary with my husband. I started the morning off by going to the gym. I chose a machine that would burn more calories so that the champagne and chocolate covered strawberries wouldn't be as much as a calorie hit. We went out to lunch and I ordered something healthy - and I didn't even finish my plate! This is definitely a victory!

Also, I survived my time of the month. Normally the week before my time of the month or during is a heinous eating time for me. Exercise is normally non existent because of my cramps and the only thing that will soothe those cramps is chocolate, and I'm talking large quantities of chocolate, like enough to fit into a U-haul. However, this time I stayed with my workout plan, made good decisions and ate reasonably. As a side note, exercise also helped with the cramps - go figure.

These two victories tell me something about myself. It tells me that I'm starting to become a different person. I'm starting to put me and my health first and I'm going to be successful. This weekend my husband and I are going to Key West for four days and I'm confident that I'm going to survive it. However, this is going to be my last time drinking for awhile because we are officially going to start trying for a family again. So, I plan on indulging in plenty of calorie filled fruity drinks. However, I plan on continuing to eat healthy. Every now and then you have to have a little bit of fun and let loose, but when vacation's over it's back to making good choices.

I'm excited with the person I'm becoming. I'm starting to like myself more than when I abused my body with unhealthy foods and long periods of time on the couch.

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