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Monday, April 12, 2010

Showing Up is Half the Battle

Sometimes I feel like I can't finish my workout. I have the motivation to get to the gym and when I start doing my cardio and look at the timer I think - how will I get through this today? It's at that time that I remember that I have been doing it for the last six weeks. If I did it yesterday - I can do it today.

I have been consistently working out now for six weeks and I feel the benefits. I've lost 15 pounds, I'm considerably more tone and I'm even starting to like my body. I'm not quite at loving my body yet, but I'm six weeks closer to loving it. I have more energy most of the time, but I still get a little fatigued from all the exercise. I'm proud of all I've accomplished.

I enjoy shopping for healthy foods. I'm still trying to delve into different recipes so that I don't get bored. I even have my husband doing the 100 push-up challenge because if I have to work out - so does he! I'm still a little hesitant to put myself into situations where either I don't know what the food will be or if it will be healthy for me. However, I think that will go away with time.

I'm getting a little nervous about my vacation. I've made a plan so that I will continue working out 5 days a week and that my four days off hopefully won't mess it up too bad. I'm also a little nervous about my time of the month coming any day. Last time I didn't do very well, but I was still pretty new to the lifestyle change and not as committed as I am now.

There comes a point in which I just need to believe in myself. Not only that, but if I do mess up one day it doesn't have to become a pattern. I am doing this and I will achieve a healthy lifestyle.

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